Collectif Récolte was born with the goal of supporting impact oriented initiatives and creating innovative solutions to reinforce healthy and sustainable food systems accessible to all!

Our name is a representation of the organization's 3 key objectives: Reunite, CollaborateTerritorialize. For the past five years, we have been known as Récolte. This simple word did not fully reflect the collective work required to solve complex problems within the food system, as well as our collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach.

For our team, our Board of Directors, and as we look ahead to the next few years, we felt it was important to re-emphasize the collective nature of our work. For this reason, and to better represent our work and impact, we have chosen to adopt the full name Récolte Collective / Collectif Récolte.

We have also updated our logo to better support the representation of who we are and what we seek to accomplish, collectively.

We opted for a logo conceptualizing the values and ambitions of Collectif Récolte. The dandelion! A plant that is entirely edible and necessary to the pollination process. For us, this plant also echoes the structure of our work through its many petals. Collectif Récolte is a horizontal structure in which each member bring their experience and knowledge, insuring a diversity of perspectives and expertise towards the solution of complex problems. It is the sum of these identities and points of view that forms a coherent, energetic and solar circle. In this, we can also see a firework display, a lively explosion representing the breakdown of highly centralised food systems, working towards one where the plurality of innovative solutions towards help to create and reinforce responsible, sustainable food systems, supported by a larger diversity of committed actors ready to take action. 

"For us, this was a perfect representation of our work in food social innovation, that is, helping to germinate innovation in the "disrupted" areas of our food system, and rooting solutions in environments that need support to "open the soil" to new possibilities. Dandelion helps create the optimal conditions for sowing change in an otherwise stagnant environment." 

- Laura Howard, co-founder and co-director of Collectif Récolte.  

With our new name and image to guide us, we look forward to continuing to work collectively toward the future!
The Collectif Récolte is... 
  • 2 programs that contribute to our mission, vision and work
  • 21 employees
  • More than 52 collaborators
  • More than 36 partners
  • 9 board members active in 4 committees