Unveiling the results of case studies

in hospitals and childcare facilities

As part of the Les Institutions mangent local! week, Collectif Récolte presents the results of its research on the importance of institutional procurement models in the proximity circuit. 

The study, which was conducted by Emilie Boivin-Deroy with the support of the SALIM (Local and Integrated Food System in Montreal) team, analyzed the implementation of short food supply chains in the institutional context in order identify the factors affecting their success and sustainability and to evaluate the demand coming from two Childcare Centres (CPE) and two hospital institutions that were selected according to the selection criteria.

The goal of these initiatives is to facilitate the marketing of agricultural products from farms on the island of Montreal and in the province of Quebec. The targeted case studies are institutions that have been buying directly from producers for three years or more in Montreal. In the context of the study, two Childcare Centres (CPE) and two hospital institutions were selected according to the selection criteria.


Thursday, September 22, 2022
2:00 pm to 3:15 pm


Zoom videoconferencing

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Charlie-Anne Normand
Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine (CHUSJ)
Project manager for organic and local supplies, AND specialist in administrative processes and nutrition

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Annie Lavoie  
Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) 
Head of supply sector and catering manager

Having grown up near a farmer's market, I have been passionate about local products since I've been very young. Therefore as a chef, sourcing products locally holds a special place in my heart. Developing professional partnerships that put local sourcing at the forefront was just a natural fit.

 Julie Morin
Centre de la petite enfance Le Sablier
Food Manager

Julie Morin is a trained cook. She has been working at the CPE le Sablier for 18 years, and has been responsible for the food at the establishment for the past 7 years. 208 children are registered at the CPE le Sablier, which makes it the largest in Quebec. Julie started the collaboration with Carya Gardens 2 years ago. The CPE is recognized by the Aliments du Québec au menu program. 

Isabelle Girard
Centre de la petite enfance Le Jardin des Frimousses
Chef and food manager - Beausoleil facility

Self-taught, passionate about cooking, at the stove since 1989. My journey has been colored by learning and experiences that have forged a woman in love with food and in particular with Quebec food. Sharing knowledge and love of cooking defines my philosophy. Reinvent myself, create, learn and come back to it.

The first steps of nature, the possibility to put my hands in the ground and share with the little ones, the pleasures of gardening.

From the restaurant to the early childhood center, through street cooking, CRUX, and recently the Reine Elizabeth, to name a few, the chef consultant is constantly learning, with her feet firmly planted in the early childhood network, but always on the lookout for new and enriching collaborations.

Our partnership with
Jardins Carya for the past 4 years, succeeding in establishing a direct relationship with a market gardener was at the heart of what we wanted to develop in the short term. We are extremely proud to put on the plate of our little ones top quality products that reflect our philosophy. In the long term, our vision is to expand this food offer and allow the purchase of a higher percentage of local food.

We are proud to be members of
Commun'Assiette, Aliments du Québec and CPE durable.

Caroline Arel
Centre de la petite enfance Le Jardin des Frimousses

Caroline Arel has been the executive director of CPE Le Jardin des Frimousses since February 2015. A lawyer, she worked for a consumer rights organization for nearly 15 years where she took her first steps as a manager. During her law studies, she even worked as an environmental consultant for an NPO on the South Shore of Montreal. Involved in various committees and boards of directors, she was part of the first cohort of the Montreal Food System in 2012. Her interest in the health of the planet and healthy eating naturally led her to want to involve the CPE and its team in various projects such as: CPE durable, Aliments du Québec au menu, Petits ambassadeurs and Commun'assiette. For the past 4 years, Caroline and her team have been proud to buy fresh and organic vegetables from a market gardener on the island of Montreal. 

Emilie Boivin-Deroy
Collectif Récolte

With Collectif Recolte, Emilie believes that she can support systemic changes in today’s dominant food systems. She is passionate about the latest advances in sustainable development and responsible consumption.
As a graduate student in Management Science, Social and Environmental Responsibility (RSE) at UQAM, her interests are more specifically related to issues of insecurity, circular economy, short circuits, commons, sovereignty and resilience in the food sector. In parallel to her RSE journey, she has developed a growing interest and expertise in social innovation as well as social and solidarity economy as solutions to many food insecurity issues.

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