Our diverse skills and interests allow us to see change from a variety of perspectives. 

Food connects us all.


Laura Howard



Laura’s drive and passion is in reinforcing local food systems and building thriving local food economies. Having worked for over 15 years with community-driven initiatives related to circular economies; social innovation and social entrepreneurship in connection with local food systems development; Laura is passionate about helping those on the ground leading needed change to achieve their desired impact.

She is the Co-Founder of Collectif Récolte and Parler la Bouche Pleine, as well as the organization Taking Root. Her previous experience includes working with agricultural communities across Canada and around the world: supporting the start-up phases of a FoodTech company for farm-to-restaurant sourcing solutions, and working with a diversity of stakeholders throughout Québec and beyond in support of systemic shifts in the future of food.

Judith Colombo, agr.


Director, project management and program manager, SALIM - Montreal in Common

Judith’s dream is to provide healthy, diverse, colorful and eco-responsible food for all by developing sustainable agricultural models and creating spaces that reconnect citizens with food. Her ultimate goal: To ensure the sustainability of ecosystems through a dynamic, respectful, and diverse occupation of the territory. Judith studied agricultural science and has been an Agronomist for almost 20 years. Her experience at a youth-focused social enterprise in agricultural production inspired her to promote diversified and eco-responsible agriculture. Following this, she specialized in marketing for different collective organizations. The completion of a master's degree in project management from UQAM in 2019 then led her to explore the emergence of collaboration within food governance. The combination of these past experiences allows her to actively participate in the dynamism of local and eco-responsible food systems at Collectif Récolte.

Dominique Lalonde



Dominique contributes to the creation of fair and regenerative food systems by sharing knowledge and exploring new sustainable models that create a healthier and more flavourful world.

Documentary Production Manager for 17 years she was drawn to food entrepreneurship in 2015. Dominique has a deep love for food and possesses solid global management experience, committed to supporting the continuing development of this organization. She is also co-founder of Fleuron, an organization dedicated to promoting local, sustainable and diverse grain and organizer of the annual ‘A Taste for Grain’ event.

Susie Binette



A real nature enthusiast, it is deep inside the woods that Susie really comes to life. She has always been tuned in to the issues tied to the environment, like the protection of natural habitats and biodiversity, as well as forestry and agricultural territories. She makes her life choices based on their ecological impact, may it be by buying local products or by reducing waste output with more sustainable products.

While she believes in the importance of those individual choices, she is thrilled to be joining Collectif Récolte, so that she can participate in a more organized, collective, effort. Before deciding to devote her time fully to her family, Susie was an editing technician for newsrooms. She then decided to pursue a degree in secretarial studies so that she could join an organization in line with her values. She wishes to be a real pillar in the team so that everyone can deploy the full span of their creative force for the collectivity.

Marie-Neige Besner



Marie-Neige has an eclectic background that has taken her all around Quebec, through Italy and Albania (a small country north of Greece). For the past ten years, she has worked as a communications manager for various Quebec organizations in the agri-food and social economy sectors.

However, it was while traveling to northeastern Italy to explore the world of agritourism and social and educational farms that she became passionate about social innovation in the food system. Upon her return home, she worked to put her skills and knowledge into practice in the agri-tourism world in Outaouais, the region where she grew up.

She has found that it is through communications that she can best contribute to the necessary changes for a more sustainable and fair food system.

Karolane Thibault



With an academic background combining communications, creative writing, philosophy and art history, Karolane has developed a natural inclination toward social justice and climate issues. During her professional experiences with women artists and street artists, she conceived the communication aspect as a device that can, and should, serve to make visible the actors of a culture and a fair and equitable system.

Having been fortunate enough to enjoy the riches of the land and the generosity of a family unit with farms and gardens, she is now invested in and passionate about food and its ecological, sustainable and accessible elements.

One sentence at a time, Karolane intends to put her motivation and skills to good use at Collectif Récolte, its affiliated projects and local communities.

Nadia Fentiman



Nadia is inspired by the immense potential that food systems have to create a more sustainable and tasty world and seeks to share this with others by encouraging them to rethink their relationship to food and how their food choices can be used as powerful avenues of social and environmental change. Her adaptability, diverse skill set, and boundless curiosity allow her to work on a variety of projects at Collectif Récolte. Blending her academic background in geography, geographic information systems and sustainable community development with her passion for everything related to food, she strives to transfer and build knowledge, inspiring individuals to make empowered decisions regarding their food options.

Maggie Cassin



Strongly driven by social, community and climatic justice, Maggie believes in the power of solidarity and civic commitment. It is while studying community economic development that her interest in food security, and its intricate relationship with issues of climate change and social justice, was sparked. Kindness and continuous improvement of our communities can only be obtained through shared accountability. We need the audacity to dream and to innovate in order to move towards new food system models that allows for the well-being of everyone, and of our delicious planet.

Synthia Laguerre-Hemelaar


Project Officer, A taste for change

Passionate about a need for social change and innovation, Synthia loves to bring out new ideas. She is a final year student at McGill University and specializes in urban geography, international development and social entrepreneurship. The sense of community and the desire to improve the social fabric of Quebec’s society through food and agriculture is what drew her to Collectif Récolte. She is motivated by the opportunity to learn and acquire new skills to use them to give back to her community. Collectif Récolte represents a perfect opportunity for her to create meaningful connections, and understand the complexity and challenges of social entrepreneurship.

Mathilde Ravenel



After a career in corporate finance and performance analysis, Mathilde worked as a consultant in information technology for over a year. Her thirst for food systems began when she started working in a local, bio and zero waste grocery store. It awakened her desire to learn about and participate more in the reduction of socio-economic inequalities in the access to local and healthy products. Coming from a management background, she wishes to use her expertise to help Collectif Récolte in its endeavours concerning participation in social innovation and strengthening Montreal's local food systems.

Raphaël Brunier



Following an academic journey in human resources management and environment, Raphaël has worked in the field of social economy, sustainable development and collaborative processes facilitation. Driven by ecosystem dynamics and the cities’ role in dealing with major contemporary issues, he is especially drawn to Collectif Récolte’s mission, as he is convinced that food plays a central role in the socio-ecological transition. Raphaël is now dedicated to putting his skills to use towards the creation of shared knowledges that highlight the different learnings that emerge from the projects carried by Collectif Récolte. Being able to navigate within the food innovation scene and to promote knowledge transmission is one of his main motivations for joining the collective.

Gabriella Fanous



After having completed an academic career focused on environmental sciences, health and urban geography, Gabriella became involved in municipal politics in Montreal as a policy advisor on various issues such as the smart city, information technologies, citizen participation, human resources and public safety. These experiences helped her better understand the relevance of a concerted and collaborative approach to better address the social challenges we face. Gabriella now wishes to use her skills to help strengthen the local food ecosystem.

Liam Brown



Liam is passionate about making people's lives a bit better by finding and building accessible tech solutions to complex issues. With years of experience as a web developer, he transitioned into building and improving tech tools for community food organisations in Montreal, and is excited to be working on the SALIM project.

Michel Guarinoni



Concerned about environmental protection, Michel has always chosen to place it at the heart of his personal, professional and academic development.
As an agronomist and master of applied biology in urban forestry, he can link food production, the environment and the city.
Deeply humanistic, his jobs have led him to act for the accessibility to a healthy and pleasant environment, as well as to sustainable and local food: essential rights. He has worked in vegetation management and urban agriculture, notably in community settings or as a consultant. Today, his goal is to act for the environment by participating in the change of our food systems.

Maryse Paquette



After working on an agroecological project in Nicaragua, Maryse boomeranged back in Quebec because of the COVID epidemic. She then decided to go back to school to finish her master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation before joining ranks with Collectif Récolte. She has experience in social entrepreneurship research and focused her work on initiatives that aim to fight poverty in marginalized groups, and how to replicate them in other contexts.

Maryse has a BA in political sciences and international policies, her interests are as wide as the universe! A sporty outdoors type, she loves her plants just as if they were her kids. You can probably find her in a park near you, even in the winter, and enjoys public spaces and believes in their essentiality. She also adores discovering new foods, with bonus points if it has a history, a culture and a whole lot of flavours!

Louis Lafortune


Procurement Solutions Lead, SALIM - MONTREAL IN COMMON

Louis works to promote the emergence of a sustainable food system, through collective human, technological, and physical infrastructures.

Louis thinks that small-scale farms are essential to preserve biodiversity, to guarantee access to healthy food, and to build relationships between producers and consumers. In 2016, Louis started to work for an urban agriculture project in Montreal, and more globally got involved in the healthy food ecosystem. Louis brings a background in Economics, non-profit and social entrepreneurship experiences, as well as a solid organic farming and farm-to-fork background.

Élise Rucquoi



Trained as a lawyer, Élise has worked in law firms and non-profit organizations in the cultural sector in France. Concerned about the impact of human activities on the environment and particularly on food systems, Élise came to Quebec to study sustainable development and to give more meaning to her work. Passionate about issues of health and ecology, it was only natural for Élise to join Collectif Recolte in order to put her enthousiasm and versatility to good use by contributing toa more resilient, citizen-based and local food system. Élise collaborates on various Collectif Recolte mandates including, setting up workshops, as well as collecting and analyzing data.

Emilie Boivin-Deroy 



With Collectif Récolte, Emilie believes that she can support systemic changes in today’s dominant food systems. She is passionate about the latest advances in sustainable development and responsible consumption.

As a graduate student in Management Science, Social and Environmental Responsibility (RSE) at UQAM, her interests are more specifically related to issues of insecurity, circular economy, short circuits, commons, sovereignty and resilience in the food sector. In parallel to her RSE journey, she has developed a growing interest and expertise in social innovation as well as social and solidarity economy as solutions to many food insecurity issues.

Geneviève Leblanc



Geneviève believes that the world is transitioning to a new paradigm that is more respectful of the systems that sustain life. She observes that we are collectively locked in a straitjacket, like a shell that is gradually breaking down as our beliefs change. She has acquired a vision of a more equitable and healthy world through various experiences including many readings, meetings and travels.

With a bachelor's degree in engineering and a master's degree in environment, in addition to three years of studies in naturopathy, she combines her technical knowledge, her project management skills and her passion for healthy, local and sustainable food in her job at Collectif Récolte. She believes deeply in change through action and in transforming individual and collective thinking. She sees collaboration as an answer to the various plagues that afflict us. She is aware of the challenges ahead and looks forward to the future with serenity.

Logan Penvern



After completing a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering specialized in sustainable agriculture and territorial development in Rennes, France, Logan is now a PhD candidate in environmental sciences at UQAM. His research focuses on the practices of home food gardening in the Montreal area. He focuses on the food potential at the household level. Despite his various attempts at gardening on his balcony in Montreal, he loves to go on a quest for fresh produce at farmer’s markets in order to later cook them! This interest in food, and more broadly agriculture, drives him to want to learn more about food systems. His knowledge of agro-industrial and alternative food systems has given him an insight that he wishes to share with Collectif Récolte as an analyst.


Alessandro Labeque

Coming soon

Benjamin Ouanson

Benjamin has been working in the food industry for several years, first in Australia and now in Montreal. His sensitivity to environmental and social issues guides him in his daily reflections, choices and decisions. He looks for solutions and alternatives to promote local and responsible production. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Benjamin accompanies people in the development of their business projects or their personal growth.

Carlo Primiani

Trained in agricultural engineering and working in the non-profit sector, Carlo brings technical expertise balanced with a sensitivity to human dynamics. He is involved in the collective effort to create a more sustainable and just food system, focusing primarily on the creation of urban gardens, popular education on agriculture and food justice. He is also interested in coaching groups in collective decision-making. When he's not developing workshops or planning consultations, you'll find him in the forest foraging for mushrooms, or in his kitchen fermenting whatever he has on hand.

Éric Hanson

Eric Abraham Viggo Hanson is a Montrealer at heart and soul who loves local and organic food. As co-owner of Les Jardins Carya, an organic farm located on the island of Montreal, Eric has been fortunate enough to bring fresh, local vegetables to Montrealers' dinner tables for the past 3 years. Professionally, Eric is particularly interested in the notions of equity for small farms that are low carbon, sustainable and environmentally friendly in their packaging approach.

He is also focused on establishing a sustainable food network in the greater Montreal area. As a collaborator of Collectif Récolte and the SALIM project, Eric is working hard to establish a food logistics hub to serve farms on the West Island of Montreal.

Gwenaëlle Reyt

Gwenaelle Reyt has been specializing in the food sector for more than 10 years. First, as a food journalist writing for several media outlets in Quebec and Europe including Le Devoir and Atabula, then as a researcher on a PhD on restaurants in Montreal. She is also a lecturer at UQAM where she teaches about food and its links to territory; gourmet tourism and food production and processing in Quebec.

Mélissa Simard

Melissa's theme song is "I'm every woman". Mélissa touches on everything related to gastronomy, food security, sustainable food, community spirit as well as all forms of learning. Mélissa founded Les Tours de la Table in 2012, which organizes gastronomic explorations and tasting excursions. These are opportunities to spend quality time with the people who create delicious food with history. Melissa loves people and her community. Her goal is to understand the players in the agri-food industry, value their journey, tell their story, accompany them in the search for solutions to their problems and to connect them with other players in order to collaborate synergistically, notably in the planning of training programs and performance improvement campaigns.

Melissa is trained in professional cooking and tour guiding, has a degree in Canadian Studies from McGill, a business start-up, a doula (birthing coach) and is a Masters candidate in Educational Technology at Concordia, with a focus on insurrectionary design.

She is involved with the Réseau d'entraide food bank in Verdun by managing a delivery program for seniors and people with reduced mobility and with Coop CAUS (Coopérative de solidarité d'abondance urbaine solidaire) as a member of the board of directors. Her role includes fundraising and business development, such as providing more vendors and products for farmers' markets and being involved in public relations.

Her passions include cycling, cross-country skiing, cooking and her supper club which has been going on for 18 years! She is also interested in sexual and reproductive justice.

Nathalie Laplante

Nathalie believes that our approach to food can be a very concrete way to promote our values. She has several years of professional experience in biological and local food procurement and social economy project management.

In 2010, she co-founded the Coopérative de solidarité des Bons Voisins, in Pointe-Claire, where she managed a restaurant and a grocery store adhering to the locavore movement. In 2018, Nathalie was instrumental in starting the Marché et bistro fermiers aux petits oignons, in Mont-Tremblant, as co-manager. Most recently, she founded Assiette Turquoise, which offers sustainable food procurement consulting services in the Laurentians.

Tim Murphy

Tim holds an environmental degree from McGill University. His areas of expertise are project management and coordination in the field of food security, sustainable development, organic agriculture, climate change and other environmental issues. Tim is one of three co-founders and partners of The Green Line: a market garden project whose mission is the creation and exploitation of new spaces for the practice of multifunctional, sustainable and organic urban agriculture. He has led several projects, including the largest organic vegetable garden in Canada in Ville St-Laurent. He is currently working as the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Environmental Network.

Board of Directors

Julie Francoeur


Executive director at Fairtrade Canada

Agriculture, sustainable development, access to affordable and quality food for everyone, collective and solidarity entrepreneurship are all valid reasons why Julie chose to join Collectif Récolte. She believes that, too often, those subjects operate in separate vacuums with little to none connections, and that Collectif Récolte is actively trying to mend the bridges between them. Besides, she is excited to support a fairly young and innovative initiative, led by 3 amazing women.

Marie-Noël Ouellet


Director, Operations at Dunsky Energy Consulting

Marie-Noël has over fifteen years of management experience in mission-driven organizations. Her career path has been driven by a desire to make our world a more sustainable place. She chose to support Collectif Récolte because strengthening the sustainability of our local food system is one of the important challenges facing our society and because the Collectif Récolte team is extraordinary!

Boris Zadra



Boris has over 15 years of experience in budget planning, management and business evaluation in large corporations. His support for Collectif Récolte is motivated by the quality of the team and a desire to see a sustainable local food system.

Julie Lefebvre


Organizational change consultant

As a consultant working with medium and large businesses to help them with organisational changes and business mutations, Julie is particularly interested in the human aspect of every major change. Interested in Collectif Recolte’s social impact mission, her involvement helps her to get back to her interests in agriculture, local food and local shops. She also looks forward to meeting other professionals with diverse and inspiring backgrounds while putting her expertise to good use in other ways.

Frédérick Clerson


Lecturer and doctorate student

For Frédérick, Collectif Récolte represents an opportunity to support the change in the way we organize the agri-food system and, by the same token, the way we consume. With the help of Collectif Récolte, we can support innovative projects and build a network of initiatives and businesses that represent the future of the agri-food sector.

Magalie Moreau


Marketing consultant

Getting involved with Collectif Récolte is a way for Magalie to contribute to a more sustainable world. Promoting access to healthy food, including local products is for her a solution to many of the ills of our society. Her passion for the food industry reinforces this choice.

Surena Hesami


Engineer, Intellectual Property

Surena wishes to get involved in his community and to encourage sustainable practices in his hometown. He plans to promote integration of emerging technologies within sustainable agricultural operations that are anchored in traditional farming practices in order to find long term solutions to feed our community. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and works in the field of intellectual property. He believes that every action counts when it comes to sustainability and that everyone can have a huge impact on their social networks.

Catherine Lefebvre


Nutritionist and contributor to the daily newspaper Le Devoir, co-host of "On s'appelle et on déjeune", a Radio-Canada OHdio podcast about food

Catherine Lefebvre is a nutritionist and a contributor to the Le Devoir newspaper. She also co-hosts On s’appelle et on déjeuner, a podcast available on Radio-Canada’s OHdio platform, where she approaches subjects around food and nutrition. She loves to travel and to learn about the culinary culture of the places she visits, and she is very curious about the history hidden behind the agricultural practices and the traditional dishes of every country.

Her expertise and her desire to broadcast Collectif Récolte’s mission and goals through her network will undoubtedly help bring together the various stakeholders of the bio-food industry so that they can take part in enacting a real change in the current model.

Stephen Penner


PhD candidate, lecturer and community engaged worker

Stephen R. Penner is a PhD candidate in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Planning at The University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario. He is a settler born in traditional St. Lawrence Iroquoians, Mohawk, Huron-Wendat, and Haudenosaunee Territory; within the Rotinonhsdn:ni Five Nations Confederacy. Stephen is a lecturer in Indigenous Politics and Governance as well as courses for the Master’s of Development Practice (MDP): Indigenous Development at the University of Winnipeg. His work is based on Indigenous-led and co-created understandings that build capacity around food systems. His dissertation is based in understanding how the Eeyou Cree define food security and how food insecurity affects their socio-economic and cultural lives.

A thank you to our co-founder !

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to Marina Jolly, co-founder of Récolte Collective. Without her passion, energy and exceptional talents in communication, research and organizational development, the organisation would not be where it is today! Marina played an integral part in the creation and management of Récolte Collective, helping guide the organization through its first years of operation. Thank you for being a key member of our community and for taking such a significant place in the early years of our history!

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