We co-create and accelerate impact-oriented initiatives.

We identify, leverage and co-design solutions to larger challenges in the food ecosystem by bringing together local experts, stakeholders and leaders from various sectors and communities.

Our approach to fostering innovation and impact includes a blend of services centered around consultation, accompaniment, and community mobilization.

Some key areas we work in:

  • Food security
  • Local food economies
  • Social innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Alternative finance and business models
Our Services

We support those leading positive change in our food ecosystems through a blend of three key services.

Consultation on ecosystemic projects

We support multi-stakeholder approaches to solution building and the creation of action-oriented roadmaps for change. 

A few examples:

Stakeholder and ecosystemic mapping, establishment of communities of practice, recommendations and guidelines for collective action, state of the sector reports, lessons learned, partnership development.

Accompaniment of innovative ideas, projects and businesses

We guide entrepreneurs through various stages of project and business development. Our goal is to move innovative ideas to actionable projects and sustainable business models.

A few examples:

Commercialization plans, feasibility studies, prototyping and iterative project development, communications planning, partnership development, budgetary planning.

Community mobilization to inform and engage the public around key issues and opportunities

We call on our network of engaged citizens to support and rally behind good food initiatives.

A few examples:

Good food fairs, conferences, workshops, film screenings, targeted discussion sessions, social media campaigns, pitch and networking nights.

Our Certifications

Advisory services provider


Our role

Change is a multifaceted and iterative process. We ensure the right resources and right people are in place to uncover creative and lasting solutions.

We are:


We mobilize a network of local food system stakeholders in order to create meaningful engagements to  build relationships, capture lessons learned, and celebrate collective achievements.

- We host networking and public engagement events to break silos and foster partnership development;

- We advance the body of knowledge about our food systems and advocate for a better future of food through different online and offline platforms.


We bring people together across sectors to leverage existing initiatives; seed new opportunities, and to co-create impact-driven solutions.

- We use ecosystemic mapping to uncover gaps and identify valuable opportunities;

- We strengthen new partnerships by aligning shared values amongst key stakeholders.


We co-create spaces for effective knowledge transfer through purposeful collaboration, collective decision-making and enriched learning.

- We highlight diverse perspectives through customized workshops and training;

- We coordinate communities of practice to define and establish shared visions and values.


Moving from roadmaps into actions; we establish favourable conditions for the implementation of viable solutions that ensure long-term impact and collective success.

- We pilot ideas that leverage existing capabilities, contributing to new and/or improved solutions;

- We develop relevant impact indicators and continuous evaluation methods to capture lessons learned and monitor the progress of innovative initiatives, increasing their efficiency and impact;

- We tap into our extended network of experts to help accelerate, scale and, or replicate impact oriented initiatives in the food space.

Our Collaborators

We can’t do it alone. Changes in our food ecosystems take motivated actors from all backgrounds.

We work with a diversity of actors in Québec & across North America.