Our Team

Our diverse skills and interests allow us to see change from a variety of perspectives.

Food connects us all.

Laura Howard


Laura’s drive and passion is in reinforcing local food systems and building thriving local food economies. Having worked for over 15 years with community driven initiatives related to circular economies; social innovation and social entrepreneurship in connection with local food systems development; Laura is passionate about helping those on the ground leading needed change achieve their desired impact. 

She is the Co-Founder of Récolte and Parler la Bouche Pleine, as well as the organisation Taking Root. Her previous experience includes working with agricultural communities across Canada and around the world; supported the start-up phases of a FoodTech company for farm to restaurant sourcing solution; and working with a diversity of stakeholders throughout Québec and beyond in  support of systemic shifts in the future of food. 

Judith Colombo


Judith’s dream is to provide healthy, diverse, colourful and eco-responsible food for all by developing sustainable agricultural models and creating spaces that reconnect citizens with food. Her ultimate goal: To ensure the sustainability of ecosystems through a dynamic, respectful, and diverse occupation of the territory.

Judith studied agricultural science and has been an Agronomist  for almost 20 years. Her experience at a youth-focused social enterprise in agricultural production inspired her to promote diversified and eco-responsible agriculture. Following this, she specialized in marketing for different collective organizations. The completion of a master's degree in project management from UQAM in 2019 then led her to explore the emergence of collaboration within food governance. The combination of these past experiences, allow her to actively participate in the dynamism of local and eco-responsible food systems at Récolte.

Dominique Lalonde


Dominique contributes to the creation of fair and regenerative food systems by sharing knowledge and exploring new sustainable models that create a healthier and more flavourful world.

Documentary Production Manager for 17 years she was drawn to food entrepreneurship in 2015. Dominique has a deep love for food with solid global management experience, committed to supporting the continuing development of this organization. She is also co-founder of Fleuron, an organization dedicated to promoting local, sustainable and diverse grain and organizer of the annual ‘A Taste for Grain’ event.

Nadia Fentiman


Nadia is inspired by the immense potential that food systems have to create a more sustainable and tasty world and seeks to share this with others by encouraging them to rethink their relationship to food and how their food choices can be used as powerful avenues of social and environmental change.

Her adaptability, diverse skill set, and boundless curiosity allow her to work on a variety of projects at Récolte. Blending her academic background in geography, geographic information systems and sustainable community development with her passion for everything related to food, she strives to transfer and build knowledge, inspiring individuals to make empowered decisions regarding their food options.

Vanessa Roy (maternity leave)


Vanessa keeps people at the heart of the process encouraging everyone to translate ideas from collective intelligence into concrete actions and projects.

Vanessa started her career in the family manufacturing business, learning the ropes of entrepreneurship through opening a new branch then specializing in event and IT project management. In recent years, she has devoted herself to promoting the development of the social economy in Quebec.

Elsa Joly


Elsa is deeply motivated to making our food system more healthy for consumers and the planet.

Having worked,for nearly ten years, as a consultant in the fields of environment and climate change, Elsa brings expertise in data and strategy analysis, as well as experience in impact evaluation. As Partner Relations Lead, Elsa is responsible for analyzing the needs of the SALIM partners, translating their needs into concrete projects.

Lorenzo Daïeff


Lorenzo connects food security actors by enhancing their collective impact, through technological and human systems.

His background in philosophy, economics and political science, plus five years of experience working to measure and increase the social impact of charitable organisations in Québec and abroad (e.g. Gates Foundation, UNICEF, etc.) his involvement in Montréal’s food security space started as a meal delivery volunteer for Santropol Roulant, a local community food hub.

Julie Sage


Julie is committed to shaping resilient food systems that restore relationships, territories and dignity.

Prior to Récolte, Julie managed a project on food system resilience and its potential to address the systemic crises we are faced with. She also brings five years of experience in supply chain management as a purchaser/importer of organic fairtrade produce from Latin America for a wholesaler/distributor in Vancouver. As an Agronomist, she is convinced of the socio-environmental benefits of the SALIM project and of agroecology. 

Laura Frouin

Communications Lead, SALIM -
Smart Cities Challenge

Laura is committed to valuing the actions of Récolte and its partners, making their impactful achievements and collective learning accessible.

After studying communications and social economy project management, Laura coached entrepreneurs and development of social projects. She helped organize and communicate an election campaign. She believes that a clear and unifying message promotes change. She is delighted to use her critical and synthetic spirit for the visibility of Récolte and the SALIM project.

Alix Génier


Alix advocates for food justice. She supports and facilitates the work of food ecosystems activists and actors to make these systems more sustainable and fair.

With a wide-ranging academic background, Alix decided to complete a Law degree with the intent to foster resilient local food ecosystems and to help actors of sustainable agriculture. As she unfortunately is unable to keep any plants alive (!), she contributes to the growth of food justice with her sharp mind, her attention to details as well as her systemic reflections.

Within Récolte’s team, Alix assists with managing the internal structure and growth of the organization.

Liam Brown


Liam is passionate about making people's lives a bit better by finding and building accessible tech solutions to complex issues. With years of experience as a web developer, he transitioned into building and improving tech tools for community food organisations in Montreal, and is excited to be working on the SALIM project.

Our Community of Consultants

Tim Murphy

Tim holds a degree in Environment from McGill University. His areas of expertise include management, project coordination, and events in the areas of food security, sustainable development, organic agriculture, climate change, and other environmental issues. He is an advocate for small-area bio-intensive agriculture, i.e. largely non mechanized production with ecological methods. Furthermore, his choice of projects reflects his particular interest in food justice and sustainable urban development. Tim is one of three co-founders and associates of La ligne verte: Maraîcher whose mission is to create and utilize new spaces allowing the practice of multifunctional, sustainable and organic urban agriculture. He lead projects including the largest organic productive rooftop in Canada at IGA Duchemin in Ville St-Laurent. He currently works as General Manager of the New Brunswick Environmental Network.

Gwenaëlle Reyt

Gwenaelle Reyt has been specializing in the food sector for more than 10 years. First, as a food journalist writing for several media outlets in Quebec and Europe including Le Devoir and Atabula, then as a researcher on a PhD on restaurants in Montreal. She is also a lecturer at UQAM where she teaches about food and its links to territory; gourmet tourism and food production and processing in Quebec.

Carlo Primiani

Trained in agricultural engineering and working in the non-profit sector, Carlo brings technical expertise counterbalanced by a sensitivity to human dynamics. He is involved in the collective effort to create a more sustainable and just food system, focusing mainly on the creation of urban gardens, public education on agriculture and food justice. He is also interested in accompanying groups for collective decision-making. When he's not developing workshops or planning consultations, you'll find him in the forest looking for mushrooms, or in his kitchen fermenting what he has on hand.

Farid Rener

Farid is dedicated to using technology in an open, socially just, and civic manner to build resilient systems for those in need. Farid has worked alongside governments, NGOs, and other community organizations to create technology to help some of the most vulnerable populations in the world.

Our Board

Marie-Noël Ouellet


Director, Operations at DUNSKY Energy Consulting

Marie-Noel has more than fifteen years of management experience in mission-oriented organizations. Her career has been motivated by the desire to make our world more sustainable. She chose to get involved with Récolte because strengthening the sustainability of our local food system is one of the major challenges facing our society and, also, because the Récolte team is amazing! 

Julien Le Net


Co-founder and Director of Business Development at ÉAU (Écosystèmes Alimentaire Urbains)

A true Swiss knife of social entrepreneurship, he has collaborated with a multitude of actors in Montreal and elsewhere. Oh yes, and he also found time to co-direct a documentary on land grabbing in Africa!

Boris Zadra



Boris has more than 15 years of experience in budget planning, management and business valuation in large companies. He is motivated to support Récolte because of the quality of the team and a desire to see a sustainable local food system.

Ghalia Chahine


Environmental, Planning and Consulting Coordinator | Agricultural Research and Policy Director at Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA)

Ghalia has been working with Récolte since its inception. The passion and commitment of the Récolte team has always been deep in the DNA of the organization and its founders. In recent years, the team has grown and projects have multiplied. The quality of the projects carried out and that of the new team members are an additional guarantee of success.

Frédérick Clerson


Lecturer and doctorate student

For Frédérick, Récolte represents an opportunity to support change in the way the agri-food system is organized and, therefore, our consumption habits. With Récolte’s help, we can support innovative projects and build a network of initiatives and businesses that represent the future of the agri-food community.

Julie Francoeur


Executive Director at Fairtrade Canada

Why she chose to get involved with Récolte? Agriculture and sustainable development. Eating well. Collective and solidary entrepreneurship. These are subjects that Julie is passionate about but often work in a vacuum. Récolte creates a chain linking them all. Supporting a young, innovative organization, led by 3 women, is a welcome challenge.

A thank you to our co-founder.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to Marina Jolly, co-founder of Récolte. Without her passion, energy and exceptional talents in communication, research and organizational development, Récolte would not be where it is today! Marina played an integral part in the creation and management of Récolte, helping guide the organization through its first years of operation. Thank you for being a key member of our community and for taking such a significant place in the early years of our history!

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