Program for Social Innovation in Agri-Food


Nourish Innovation catalyzes socially innovative initiatives and models in agri-food. The program facilitates the launch of dynamic, thriving projects aimed at accelerating the transition to more ethical, sustainable and resilient local food systems.



leaders of social innovation initiatives in agri-food (SIAF) in the ideation, experimentation, development and lessons learned related to entrepreneurial solutions


the capacities of stakeholders in the agri-food ecosystem in order to give them better individual and organizational resilience


communities around socially innovative agri-food initiatives

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collectively to improve access to financing and the development of SIAF initiatives


in the sharing and transfer of knowledge on challenges impacting our food system


“Social innovation in agri-food consists of a new idea, approach or intervention, a new service, a new product, or a new law, a new type of organization in the food ecosystem that promotes, more adequately and more sustainably than existing solutions, the establishment of a sustainable food system, a solution that has found traction within an institution, organization, or community, and which produces a measurable benefit for the community and not just for certain individuals.”

Source: Codefinition from Récolte (2019). Innovation sociale au menu (French only). p.28 and inspired by the Déclaration québécoise pour l’IS, RQIS, 2011

Current activies

Training series to prepare for launching of impact initiatives

FALL 2021
Support program for social enterprises

Exploration of emerging models and possible solutions to improve access to funding for biofood social innovation initiatives


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Agent de projet, Nourrir l’innovation

Récolte recrute un agent.e de projet pour soutenir l’ensemble des activités et livrables du programme Nourrir l’innovation et des projets qui y sont associés.

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Floraison | Retour sur les ateliers du 2, 9 et 16 novembre 2021

Au cours des trois premières semaines de novembre, Récolte a organisé des webinaires à l’heure du lunch sur les outils de financement émergents dans le secteur bioalimentaire…

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