Nourish innovation

Nourish Innovation is a structural lever for innovative entrepreneurs to launch dynamic social innovation projects aimed at accelerating the transition to a more equitable, resilient, sustainable and local food system.

While project leaders and entrepreneurs have expressed a profound need for business coaching from experienced professionals at every stage of their development, Nourish Innovation’s objective is to ensure the sustainability of projects by helping them navigate through current realities and barriers in order to find solutions.

With its two-way approach between support ecosystems and project leaders, Collectif Récolte becomes a focal point for the aspirations of all stakeholders. By gathering, studying and communicating these challenges and needs, we pave the way for fluid and dynamic collaborations between the different parties that comprise biofood social innovation initiatives. This sharing of knowledge aims to align support mechanisms with the realities on the ground, creating greater synergy between entrepreneurial demand and support offerings.

Our Current Projects

Agri-food logistics hubs in the social economy

Collectif Récolte is proud to be a partner in the Conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité’s (CQCM) project to support the development of agri-food logistics hubs in the social economy. Our role in this process is defined by the following actions :

  • Three iterations of accompaniment for food logistics hubs on financial autonomy and investment readiness. 
  • Creation and management of a centralized resource bank for food logistics hub managers.
  • The coordination and facilitation of two events for networking and knowledge gathering between food logistics hubs, CQCM project partners, and external support bodies such as financial backers and RCMs. 

These actions are intended to identify the financing needs of the collective enterprises that are the food logistics hubs, to contribute to the development of food logistics hubs in the social economy, and to bring together the various players in food systems in order to better understand the ecosystem in which the hubs are developing. These elements will help to clarify the entire playing field available to the hubs collectively, and thus increase the ability of players to act more effectively to ensure the implementation of key success factors throughout the process.

More information

For more information on our work for/with food logistics hubs, 

  • Stimulate the sharing of knowledge and tools between entrepreneurs to build capacity and support project development. 
  • Provide financial and strategic resources to support project development through an open resource bank. 
  • Contribute to the creation of a network of entrepreneurs and mentors sharing the same visions, ambitions, and desire for impact. 
  • Gather and transfer learning on the development of collective food projects in the social economy for the common good. 

Partner in this project

Fields of Investment for Tomorrow (FIT)

Since 2017, Collectif Récolte has been addressing financing issues specific to Quebec’s biofood sector. Nurtured by the “Slow Money” movement in the United States, we began our activities with the desire to adopt a similar approach in Quebec. Guided by this ambition, we mobilized key players from the fields of impact finance, philanthropy, and the social economy. Together, we have continued to explore new avenues to shape a more responsible financial future adapted to the realities of food systems.

Today, through Fields of Investment for Tomorrow (FIT), we seek to explore emerging models and possible solutions to improve access to financing for biofood social innovation initiatives. We believe this is a necessary project, given that conventional forms of financing often have blind spots when it comes to the specificities of biofood social innovation projects, and at certain stages of their development. The main objective is therefore to better understand, track and demonstrate the impact and viability of innovative business models in the biofood sector.

Other Achievements

In 2021, Collectif Récolte, in collaboration with Esplanade Québec, launched a new accompaniment program for projects with high potential for social impact in food systems. 

Once again, Collectif Récolte teamed up with Esplanade Québec to offer a new accompaniment program for new and inspiring entrepreneurs! 

Innovation sociale au menu study (in French only)

The document Innovation sociale au menu presents a codefinition of social innovation in agri-food in the context of social entrepreneurship.

In collaboration with the Conseil du Système alimentaire montréalais (CSAM) and Esplanade Québec.

Characterization study of the financing ecosystem (in French only)

The characterization study of Quebec’s emerging biofood financing ecosystem is a document produced with the support of the McConnell Foundation. The study presents a portrait of the various emerging financing tools and mechanisms – namely microcredit, community bonds, cooperatives and citizen investment – and explores projects that have used these tools.

With financial support from