Local and Integrated Food System

in Montreal (SALIM)

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SALIM accompanies and supports structuring and collective solutions in the Montreal local and solidarity food supply network.

In this sense, our team works in collaboration with a variety of local change partners with complementary roles to promote the emergence, implementation and sustainability of these solutions. 


To make healthy, locally grown food accessible to food insecure people in Montreal and, more broadly, to all Montrealers.  


SALIM’s mission is to reinforce the supply network of community food organizations in Montreal with fresh, healthy and local foods while improving local producers’ access to markets.

Our impact areas and action strategies

Discover the causal links between the issues that mobilize us and our areas and strategies of action through our theory of change.

Collectif Récolte :

the project-carrier 

SALIM is a multi-stakeholder project carried by Collectif Récolte that falls within the Food area of action of the Montreal In Common community of innovation.
Collectif Récolte is a social enterprise utilizing collective intelligence and community mobilisation to catalyze and co-create local solutions for a better future of sustainable food practices.

Montréal en commun : project’s instigator

Montreal in common is a community of innovation projects driven by the City of Montreal, and whose partners are experimenting in food access, mobility, data and regulatory changes in an effort to rethink the city. The 13 projects of Montreal in common are being implemented thanks to 50 M$ in prizes awarded to the city of Montreal by the Canadian government as part of the Smart Cities challenge.

Ongoing pilot projets

West Island

Food Hub

Ateliers Cabot

Regional Food Hub

Solutions for supply chain logistic

Our last activities

Webinar » 4 Models of Local Food Procurement within Institutions »

Unveiling the results of case studiesin hospitals and childcare facilitiesAs part of the Les Institutions mangent local! week, Collectif Récolte presents the results of its research on the importance of institutional procurement models in the proximity circuit. The study, which was conducted by Emilie Boivin-Deroy with the support of the SALIM (Local and Integrated Food System

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Pilot projects and the development of innovative logistics solutions

This spring, the Collectif Récolte focused its efforts on all the projects of the Local and Integrated Food System in Montreal, and more specifically on two pilot projects of the West Island Food Logistics Pole (PLAODI). The first involves testing out a collective marketing scheme, which aims to provide institutions with food produced by farms

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Reach us at salim@recolte.ca.

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