Stories capturing our collective work in catalyzing change.

Laura Howard, Cofondatrice et Directrice du développement d’affaires de Récolte

Baron Mag

March 17, 2020

Interview with our co-Founder and Director of Business Development, Laura Howard, for the inside scoop on Récolte and being an entrepreneur. (in French)

Célébrer et découvrir les entrepreneurs alimentaires d’ici

Baron Mag

October 11, 2019

Coverage of the fourth edition of, A Taste for Change, Récolte’s annual event dedicated to innovative food projects and local food entrepreneurs. (in French)

Alimentation et innovation sociale: le Goût du changement, 4e édition

Cent Degres

October 1, 2019

An annual event dedicated to food entrepreneurs, A Taste for Change, is an event that showcases businesses combining social innovation and responsible food. For the 4th edition of this event, the organizers wanted to maximize exchanges between innovators and other actors of change. (in French)

Se donner les moyens d’atteindre Faim «Zéro» à Montréal


June 19, 2019

Phase 2 of the ‘Zero’ Hunger Montreal project sheds new light on the reality of food security actors in Montreal. (in French)

L’innovation sociale en alimentation au cœur de la mission de Récolte

Cent Degres

April 30, 2019

In the world of food innovations, social impact is not always at the forefront of corporate values. Change is afoot, with new organizations putting it at the heart of research and development. (in French)

Faim «Zéro»: du constat à la mobilisation


April 3, 2019

With its project ‘Zero’ Hunger in Montreal, the Foundation of Greater Montreal mobilizes community, institutional, philanthropic and private actors around food insecurity. (in French)

Le changement dans chaque bouchée

Le Devoir

July 7, 2018

Food innovations abound in Montreal. The third edition of ‘A Taste for Change’ aims to bring together the various players who are energizing Montreal's food sector. (in French)

Deux modèles de ferme se confrontent

La Terre

February 4, 2018

A debate organized around the screening of the film, ”La Ferme et son État” directed by Marc Séguin including Marcel Groleau, president of the Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA), and two of the protagonists of this film production, who once again advocated for a greater place for small farms. (in French)

Le mouvement slow money : investir son argent localement

Radio Canada

October 16, 2017

In North America, investor networks are emerging to encourage the investment of capital in local companies rather than multinationals. The blogger at Les Affaires, Diane Bérard, and the economist, Éric Pineault, describe the Slow Money movement, which makes it easier to see how your money is invested. (in French)

«Slow Money»: ralentir les flux financiers pour dynamiser les économies alimentaires locales?


September 1, 2017

A seasoned player in the investment world, the founder of Slow Money, is working tirelessly to re-root capital to communities, starting with the food sector. (in French)


We love putting good food in the spotlight. Find out more about Récolte events.

Nourish Innovation

Come and meet the passionate people determined to bring change to our food systems with social innovation:

Experts of the terroir who put in place essential infrastructures which work together to reconnect the eaters with the seasonal flavours of Québec; collectives that unite around food hubs to secure the supply of fresh and local products; and entrepreneurs with a thousand ideas, who only want to bring them to fruition.

What connects them all is the pleasure of eating well, it being accessible to all and the conviction that it is possible to do better together, especially in this novel context where challenges are amplifying.

Nourish Innovation’s three panels highlight and debate our collective capacity to begin the transition towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable food system.

Three concrete initiatives to inspire you and contribute to Nourish Innovation, presented by Collectif Récolte, experts in social food innovation.

A Taste for Change: 5th Edition

Récolte’s annual food fair supports and promotes local, impact-oriented food entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building a healthier, more ethical, regenerative and viable food ecosystem. This event provides networking and learning opportunities for both entrepreneurs and the public.

More information about this year's event will be provided soon. In the meantime, we invite you to check out last year's edition!