We cocreate and accelerate impact-oriented initiatives.

Collectif Récolte is a social enterprise utilizing collective intelligence and community mobilisation to catalyze solutions for local, sustainable food practices

We envision a just food ecosystem that supports thriving local economies, healthy communities and resilient natural environments.


The nature of our work represents the diversity of solutions we strive to catalyze within our food systems.

Local and Integrated Food System

in Montreal (SALIM)

Program for Solutions in Food Logistics



Program for Social Innovation in Agri-Food


We support those leading positive change through a blend of three key services.


on ecosystemic projects

We support multi-stakeholder approaches to solution building and the creation of action-oriented roadmaps for change.


of innovative initiatives

We guide changemakers through various stages of project and business development. Our goal is to develop innovative ideas into actionable projects and sustainable business models.


of solutions

We collaborate with changemakers in the food ecosystem to cocreate innovative and responsible solutions to the different problems in our food systems.

Latest Activities

Data governance and privacy: between accountability and transparency

Questions concerning data security, privacy protection and the responsible management of personal or sensitive data are central to organizations and businesses today. At Collectif Récolte, we believe in the importance of taking action to enhance the transparency between our organization and its ecosystem, and to increase trust in our team and its work methods.

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A new step in the process of co-designing Montreal’s local, sustainable and solidarity-based food supply cycle!

Collectif Récolte, through its Co-design approach: working together to imagine and consolidate the local, sustainable and solidarity-based food supply cycle, explores the dynamics between the change agents and the imperatives for an equitable and environmentally friendly territorial food system in Montreal.

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