Discover our Annual Report 2022-2023!

Collectif Récolte is proud to unveil its 2022-2023 Annual Report. This year we highlight our organization's journey from its founding in 2017 to the present. We are proud to celebrate 5 years of accomplishments supporting the transition to more ethical, sustainable and resilient local food systems.

" This year was marked by the celebrations of our fifth anniversary. It was also shaped by a post-pandemic context that would have been difficult to predict. It has not been all smooth sailing, despite the many accomplishments that we are proud of, not only this year, but through the entire journey of Collectif Récolte to date. (... ) It's now a team of more than 24 inspiring people, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and skills and carrying a contagious motivation and enthusiasm that makes Collectif Récolte one of the driving forces of the social and solidarity economy in Quebec. Collectif Récolte is a flagship organization for positive change in food systems, helping to bring solutions that make our communities more resilient. We look to the future confident that we can build on our solid achievements, and with a clear sense of the work that remains to be done, with our team and our many partners and collaborators, to feed the future. "

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this year's achievements.

- Collectif Récolte's Team 


Dominique Lalonde - Codirector, operations & development