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WINTER 2022 

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In 2021, Récolte, in collaboration with Esplanade, launched a new program to support projects with high potential for social impact in food systems.
The program aims to accelerate the transition to a more local, sustainable and ethical food system.


AISA whose mission is to allow urban gardeners to easily connect with consumers to sell their fresh, healthy food at a lower cost than in grocery stores.

The cohort allowed us to clearly define the issues in our food system we wanted to help solve , along with our value proposition, in order to properly structure our product and steer us in the right direction. - Bao
Mélanie, dimitri, élizabeth et maryse

Collectif La DAL

Formed by residents of Saint-Henri, the Collective La DAL aims to promote local food security and food access by setting up a resident-managed grocery store.

The Esplanade x Récolte program offers a unique opportunity to reflect on your project and to ask yourself difficult questions. The advice given to us by the team and mentors is invaluable. Thank you so much! - Dimitri

Les Compagnons Maraîcher.ère.s

The Compagnons Maraîchers.ères helps bring teams of volunteers from the city to lend a hand on nearby small-scale farms. Their objective is to promote and support agro-ecological and permaculture businesses, as well as organic farms and smallholdings in Quebec, while allowing the people from the city to take an active part in agricultural activities.

The support received through the program was a great opportunity for us to return to the foundations of our organization and rethink several important aspects with a fresh perspective. The personalized coaching was really valuable in allowing us to move quickly on key objectives that will make our project sustainable. - Olivier


DRASCA upgrades co-products from the food industry such as brewer's grains to create delicious local snacks, high in plant protein.

The cohort allowed us to restructure our project and have fascinating discussions. - Julien

Epik Generation

We want to connect everyday citizens with future farmers in the acquisition and start-up of small-scale agro-ecological farms, through an innovative citizen & agricultural cooperative: Epik Generation.

The cohort allowed us to pace ourselves in our questions and to question ourselves about our problems and proposals. It was also a great way to discover many other inspiring projects! - Emma


L'Est-Ô-Maqué is a project of the Réseau alimentaire de l’Est de Montréal, a food network developing a range of products to increase availability of fruits and vegetables to vulnerable populations in Montreal East.  To do this, they pool the expertise, skills and equipment of partner organizations, all while extending the shelf-life of food items.

It was a great opportunity to create a network of strong contacts with other organizations working in the food industry in Quebec. - Élise

La Place Commune

The mission of La Place Commune is to encourage greater urban food solidarity, to support the power of acting collectively, and to promote local resources, knowledge and talents. Récolte supported them in the development of impact measurements  for their local food solidarity network, set up in Parc-Extension. It serves as a network of mutual aid and actions to promote local human and food resources.

The Esplanade x Récolte support program has enabled our project to see further, to gain a better understanding of the Montreal food system, and to create valuable links with other stakeholders. - Chloé

Les Spontanés

Les Spontanés conceptualise and create edible landscapes, both productive andeducational, in order to give as many people as possible the chance to cultivate the city, to better understand the concept of the ecosystem and to learn on the journey from seed to plate.

I have come to the end! It made me very happy to see a lot of people engaged and motivated in the transition. - Audrée

Logan Petit Lot

Logan Petit Lot is redefining the nut industry by focusing on food traceability and sustainable trade with its small-batch nut butter project.

The cohort allowed us to take our thinking further and discuss with several players in the agri-food sector. Plus, it's very motivating to see that you can have a real impact as a business. Thank you for all these beautiful exchanges! - Vanessa et Rémi
Vanessa et rémi

Marché du Collège

The Marché Du Collège is part of the Cultures Urbaines project led by the organization VertCité . The Marché Du Collège aims to improve physical and economic access to fresh, healthy and local products in the Saint-Laurent borough.

The program was a great opportunity to exchange with entrepreneurs of other projects and stakeholders in the field, in order to better understand our ecosystem and also to restructure and deepen several aspects of the project to make it sustainable. - AlexSandra
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