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Regional Food Hub

About the Ateliers Cabot

Regional Food Hub

The Ateliers Cabot Regional Food Hub is a project for the design and operation of a physical infrastructure, shared equipment and common management tools ensuring the primary functions of aggregation, warehousing and distribution for producers on the island of Montreal and the surrounding area.

Our vision

Eventually, a network of interconnected hubs will guarantee a better efficiency of logistic flows (goods, information and money). Thus, short food circuits are valued, well structured and financially viable. This contributes to making healthy food from local agriculture accessible to food insecure people in Montreal.

Our goals

The project aims to demonstrate that a food logistics hub can be managed collectively and meet some of the common technical needs of several businesses in agricultural production, while fulfilling the vision.

The ''Ateliers Cabot'' : a co-construction project

The "Ateliers Cabot" project, winner of the C40 Reinventing Cities | Réinventer Montréal 2020-2021 competition, brings together many partners and experts from Montreal and elsewhere to revitalize 4000 Saint-Patrick Street in the Sud-Ouest borough.

What is a food hub?

A logistical food hub is a physical infrastructure that aims to strengthen the local biofood industry’s competitivity, hence providing several functions for the integrality of the supply chain, from production to consumption.

The different functions of a hub

Refrigerated storage


Logistics optimization

The objective of a cluster is to better serve all stakeholders in the supply cycle, from the farm to the consumer's plate. These are collaborative projects with innovative business models that focus on the positive economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities.

Our latest activities

Collectif Récolte, part of the « Ateliers Cabot », laureate of Réinventer Montréal

Le Collectif Récolte est heureux d’annoncer que le projet « Ateliers Cabot » est lauréat du concours C40 Reinventing Cties | Réinventer Montréal 2020-2021. Représentée par Sid Lee Architecture, cette…

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