We all have a role to play in transforming our local food systems.

Our mission

Récolte is a social enterprise utilizing collective intelligence and community mobilisation to catalyze and co-create local solutions for a better future of sustainable food practices.

Our vision

We envision a just food ecosystem that supports thriving local economies, healthy communities and resilient natural environments.

Our Story

Supporting impact-oriented food projects since 2015.

Récolte was established with the goal of creating a healthy ecosystem in which innovative food initiatives are seeded and can flourish.

Our journey began in 2015 with ‘Talk with Your Mouth Full (TWYMF)’: a collaborative public engagement series initiated upon our founder’s realization that change is happening mostly on the periphery, and in the shadows of our existing food system.

Educational, training, and networking events hosted by TWYMF created spaces where collective learning could take place. New ideas, impact oriented business models, and community led projects could be shared with the public while exploring key challenges faced by local changemakers and social entrepreneurs working to better the local food system.

It quickly became apparent that changemakers face significant barriers to nourishing the long term viability of their ‘business not as usual’ enterprises. These barriers are largely the result of the broader ecosystem where political, economic, and market driven policies and regulations no longer reflect the realities and goals of the next generation of social entrepreneurship and collaborative leadership in the food space.

In May 2017, Récolte was officially founded as a social enterprise in response to the expressed need for a more holistic, multi-stakeholder approach to supporting the development of our local food economies and systems.

Creating a future for food for all requires both a top-down and bottom-up approach, including collective efforts and shared commitments. We work in an iterative space where experimentation, capturing lessons learned, and inclusive, democratic decision making is key. We are fed by the drive, passion, determination of those we are privileged to work with, and for, on a daily basis.

The farmers, artisans, bakers, fisherman, chefs, creators and drivers of more resilient food systems are the true leaders of tomorrow. We are dedicated to giving them the recognition, the resources, creating the mechanisms and structures they need to survive and thrive, advancing their capacity to create change to the benefit of us all.

In the words of the author Micheal Pollen, we are honoured to be able to reach out every day and “Shake the hand that feeds you.”

If you plant a healthy seed in dead soil, it will not grow. The same is true for a social enterprise trying to emerge in a context not favourable to its growth, to the health and wellbeing of its model, and to the people and communities they wish to serve.

The roots of a name

The name Ré-col-te (Harvest) stems from three words: RÉ-unir (Unite), COL-laborer (Collaborate) and TE-rritorialiser (Localize). 

We chose the name Récolte out of respect ; respect for innovators who shake up the food system, and respect for the work of all those who feed us every day.

"The conventional food system is not sustainable. To create lasting, innovative solutions, we need to explore our collaborative advantage. By capitalizing on our collective intelligence, we will support a better future of food, while helping impact oriented initiatives in the food space not just survive but THRIVE!"

Laura Howard, Co-founder & Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Our Goals

We establish a collective vision for concrete action.

Through a people-centered approach, we support the:

Establishment of local, resilient economies by breaking systemic barriers, building regional connections and reinforcing the capacity for sustainable, local business development and impact.

Preservation of our natural environments through regenerative agricultural practices and sustainable business models throughout the local food system.

Application of an equity oriented approach towards food justice, one that acknowledges social inequalities and the right to food for all.

Plant a seed and bring the change to germinate! 

If you’d like to know more about what we do or have a project in the works, we would love to hear from you.