We accompany entrepreneurs, organisations, and passionate food citizens in the strategic planning and execution of innovative food system projects. We focus on effective communication strategies, new market development opportunities, basic business planning, and leveraging existing resources and knowledge.


Collaborative Projects

In collaboration with local, national and international partners, we co-develop projects specific to the needs of local actors working for a sustainable food future. Local training and incubation, identifying local food assets, and appropriate financing mechanisms are a few of our current passion projects.

Community Engagement

An engaged and active food community is essential to the emergence of viable local ecosystems. Through our series "Talk With Your Mouth Full" we create opportunities for organisations, entrepreneurs, citizens and local leaders to gather and share knowledge on local food innovations.



Talk With Your Mouth Full

We believe the best way for people to learn more about their food is through interactive experiences! Talk With Your Mouth Full is a collaborative, public engagement project promoting the people bringing good food to your table. We work to promote:  Local farmers, urban producers, chefs, entrepreneurs, artisans, local organizations, foodies and food citizens.

Good Food Hub

A collaboration between Récolte and Esplanade Montreal, the "Good Food Hub" supports stakeholders across the local food ecosystem by equipping them with the tools, training and mentorship needed to support the emergence and viability of innovative food projects.



Patient Capital

Good food takes time. Good Food Projects need appropriate financing that respects this truth. This is why we are working with several actors in impact financing and the social and solidarity economy to engage local investors in the "Slow Money" model of patient, direct capital for food and agriculture.